1.0           About the MS Manual

This manual has been prepared for implementing the Coulson Group of Companies Environmental Management System (EMS). The Coulson Group of Companies includes companies engaged in forestry, aviation and manufacturing. Although there is one EMS for the Coulson Group of Companies, for practical purposes there are three manuals: Timberlands, Manufacturing, and Aviation.  This manual is for Coulson Aircrane Ltd, and includes Coulson Aircrane and Coulson Flying Tankers.


This manual sets out the aviation EMS as it applies to the maintenance and operation of the company's helicopters and fixed wing water bomber fleet.

EMS manual describes how the Environmental Management System works and outlines responsibilities of staff, employees and contractors and describes required programs and procedures and includes supporting documentation.

The procedures apply to all Coulson Group of Companies aviation operations in British Columbia (Canada) and internationally.

Copyright and Availability

The Coulson Group of Companies through parent company Coulson Forest Products Limited, owns and holds the copyright to this manual. This manual is made available online for operational use by Coulson Group of Companies employees and contractors. Read-only access to the online manual may be made available to others on request to the General Manager, Chief Operating Officer or Environment Manager.

EMS Review and Amendments

This manual is reviewed for adequacy, accuracy and completeness by the Environment Manager and the Coulson Management Team once a year or as needed in response to changes to significant environmental aspects. 

Proposed changes will be submitted to the Environment Manager. The Environment Manager assesses and authorizes all changes and amendments to the policies, objectives, documents, forms or procedures.