11.  Emergency preparedness and response

Requirements for Emergency Response Plans


Each operation is responsible to establish and maintain an emergency preparedness and response plan containing procedures developed for responding to potential accidents and emergencies identified at the operation.  These plans must be reviewed periodically and revised. where necessary particularly after the occurrence of accidents or emergency situations.  Such plans shall include:


Coulson Aircrane Ltd and Coulson Flying Tankers maintain the following emergency response plan:


Where possible, emergency response plans should be periodically tested (Fire drills, equipment testing, tabletop exercises). Such testing should be recorded.

Coulson Aircrane ltd and Coulson Flying Tankers, under the guidance of the Chief Operating Officer and General Manager, together with the Directors of Maintenance and Quality Assurance Manager, will conduct and review annual evacuation drills of emergency response for fire, spill of hazardous materials, power failure and other significant potential risk.