3.5           Environmental Management Programs

The Coulson Group of Companiesí environmental management programs provide guidance on how the Company will achieve specific environmental objectives and targets. The programs describe what actions are necessary, define who is responsible, and refer to related information, including applicable legal requirements, Company and industry standards, procedures, checklists and forms.

The General Manager, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer in collaboration with the Management Team are responsible for providing the resources necessary to implement the environmental management programs. The Environmental Manager monitors implementation and effectiveness of all environmental management programs, and provides an annual update for review by the Management Team.

All environmental management programs will be formally reviewed annually by the Environment Manager who will prepare a summary report for the Management Team for review and approval of recommended improvements. The Environmental Managerís report will summarize the results of checklists, monitoring and status reports, government agency correspondence and audit recommendations, as well as relevant changes to operations, equipment and environmental aspects.

Environmental management programs requiring significant financial resources may be implemented in conjunction with capital or major maintenance requirements.  Environmental programs may be amended at any time under the authority of the Environment Manager.