Table of Contents

  1.0 About the EMS Manual
  2.0 Environmental Policy
  2.1 Policy Review and Maintenance
  3.1 Environmental Aspects Overview
  3.2 Legal and Other Requirements
  3.3 Objectives & Targets
  3.4 Significant Environmental Aspects, Objectives and Targets
  3.5 Environmental Management Programs
4.0 Structure, Responsibility and authority
4.1 Record-Keeping
    4.2 Internal EMS Audits
    4.3 Handling Environmental Non-conformance
    4.4 EMS Responsibilities
    4.5 Organizational Chart
  5.0 Management Review
6.0 Communications
7.0 EMS Training & Awareness
  8.0 Documentation and Document Control
  9.0 Operational Control
  10.0 Monitoring and Measurement and Evaluation of Compliance
  11.0 Emergency Preparedness and Response


Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)
WHMIS Training
Job Descriptions
Fuel Management Standard
Bulk Fuel Transfer Procedures
  Training Needs By Position
CFT Spill Kit Contents
Chemical Spill and Fire Emergency Response Plan
Chemical Information Sheets
Environmental Risk Management
Environmental Reposibility Matrix
Risk Assesment Table
Emergency Response Plan


EMS Forms