Evacuation of Coulson Aircrane and Coulson Flying Tankers hanger facilities may be required in the case of an extreme emergency such as:


* Major Fire

* Explosion

* Earthquake

* Bomb Threats

* Escape of Hazardous Chemicals and or Petroleum          


Where it becomes necessary to clear the operation safely of all employees, the following procedure will be used:


1.                 Emergency Alert Siren is activated - procedures are on the following Page.


2.                 Shut down all equipment in your work area and make certain that equipment is left in a secure and safe condition.


3.                 Leave the operation in a calm and orderly manner.  Do not run or panic.


4.                  Evacuate the Hanger including offices by the closest, nearest exit and proceed to the designated emergency marshalling area. (Aircrane Hanger -Front Entrance Parking; Mars Base the Fire Hydrant adjacent to the Heli-fuel dispenser)


5.                 Assemble around your crew. Keep quiet as the senior Supervisor or designated chargehand must take a roll call and account for all workers (Company employees and contractors) on site and instructions are communicated.


6.                 Do not leave the area until your are instructed by your Supervisor to do so.


7.                 When the emergency has been contained the All Clear Signal will be sounded.


8.                 Contact Head Office at 250-724-7600 and Jim Messer at 250-720-7160


9.                 Notify PEP at 1-800-663-3456 and in the event of Fire or an explosion contact the Sproat Lake Fire Department at 911








AIRCRANE Airport Helicopter HANGER and






a)        When the emergency is detected, the evacuation Siren is to be sounded by the designated on duty Supervisor or Charge-hand or person discovering the emergency.


b)       The Siren will sound as follows:  Long Continuous steady Siren.


c)        After sounding the Evacuation Siren Signal, advise the Coulson Head Office of the type of emergency.


d)       Upon hearing evacuation signal, each Operator must shut down his equipment in a safe manner.


e)        Proceed in a safe orderly fashion to the outside Designated Marshalling Location.


f)         Personnel trained and qualified shall assist in containing the emergency.


g)        Ensure that proper company and emergency agencies have been alerted.


All employees must wait for further instruction until the  All Clear Signal Is sounded:


All Clear Signal is a Series of 5 one second siren signals with one-second pause between them

 Upon hearing All Clear signal, all employees are to proceed back to their work stations and resume work unless otherwise instructed by their supervisors.