Environment Manager – Coulson Group


The Environment Manager will:

  • Be responsible for maintaining the EMS .
  • Ensure that staff and contractors under their supervision are aware of and adequately trained regarding the significant environmental aspects of their work activities and the related EMS requirements.
  • Ensure that adequate training is provided related to EMS requirements.
  • Implement or assign corrective action as required in response to audit findings, inspection or monitoring results, management reviews or incidence reports.
  • Coordinate and participate in the annual EMS Management Reviews.
  • Be responsible for internal and external communications relevant to the EMS .
  • Conduct risk assessments of identified environmental aspects.
  • On an annual basis, review significant environmental aspects, EMS targets and objectives, the environmental policy, legislation and external communications to assess the adequacy of current operational controls related to the EMS and the need for changes to the EMS .
  • Ensure that legal requirements relevant to the EMS are reviewed annually.
  • Establish and implement document control procedures for maintaining EMS documentation.
  • Conduct or assign responsibilities for EMS inspections and related documentation.
  • Maintain current SOPs, standards and guidelines within the EMS .
  • Ensure that emergency response procedures are periodically tested.
  • Promptly investigate all reportable spills and environmental incidences to ensure that appropriate reporting, response and other legal and corporate requirements have been met.  Determine the cause of spills and other incidences and ensure corrective and preventative measures are implemented as required.
  • Schedule and coordinate internal and external EMS and environmental audits.
  • Periodically review monitoring results to ensure required data is being collected, including related QA/QC or calibration results.
  • In collaboration with the IT Manager, revise EMS controls or programs and authorize system access to official company users as needed.
  • Ensure that an environmental site assessment is completed by a qualified professional at any site where contamination is suspected or sites which are being closed or decommissioned.
  • Maintain a registry of public complaints.
  • Assign responsibility within the organization for maintenance of central EMS electronic and hard copy  files as required, including:

·         environmental permits, approvals and government agency correspondence relevant to the EMS

·         agreements with fuel, chemical and waste contractors and suppliers for materials and activities relevant to the EMS.

·         landfill and facility site plans, monitoring data and records.

·         EMS forms, records, checklists, audit reports and related documentation.