Information Technology (IT) Manager – Coulson Group


The IT Manager is:

  • Responsible for maintaining the Coulson ISO14001 EMS Website and related on-line electronic EMS manuals for Timberlands, Manufacturing and Aviation Divisions of the Coulson Group of Companies.
  • Responsible for controlling and authorizing on-line access and passwords to managers, supervisors and official company users authorized by the Environment Manager for submission of reports and accessing data and/or related monthly or annual summary reports.
  • Required to provide training for authorized users of the on-line EMS manual.
  • Required to assist with providing data and reports for both internal and external EMS audits.
  • From time to time required to make manual amendments and changes to the text, forms, reports and/or data retrieval system as approved and authorized by the Environment Manager and or General Manager (CEO).
  • To provide electronic systems advice to the Environment  Manager when required