Quality Assurance Manager

The Quality Assurance Manager of Coulson Aircrane Ltd (CAL) will:


1.      Assist the Aviation Manager in implementing EMS Programs and tracking progress in achieving program targets and objectives.

2.      Will act as the Coulson Aircrane “go to person” for advice on matters relating to EMS program implementation.

3.      In cooperation with the Environment Manager and Directors of Maintenance arrange for appropriate EMS Awareness and SOP training to ensure staff are competent and effective in implementing the EMS programs.

4.      Work with the Directors of Maintenance to ensure that SOP’s are handy and maintained to support EMS programs and provide necessary guidance pertaining to significant environmental aspects.

5.      Ensure that bi weekly inspections are carried out by appropriate staff and reports are submitted and that sufficient monitoring is done to track achievement of EMS targets and objectives and periodically review of results including reports to management.

6.       Ensure that the requirements of environmental regulations are met.

7.      Participate in annual EMS Management Review.

8.      Obtain and fulfill the requirements of necessary fire, fuel, chemical and waste approvals, permits and inspections related to Coulson Aircrane Ltd’s facilities at the Alberni Valley Regional Airport Hanger and Sproat Lake Flying Tankers base and ensure related documents and records are maintained.

9.      Maintain a current and appropriate Spill Prevention and Response Plan and training program for CAL facilities.

10.  Ensure that all fuel storage facilities meet the specifications of the BC Fire Code (see Coulson Fuel Management Standard).

11.  Ensure that the Spill Prevention and Response Plan, the Fire Preparedness Plan and the EMS Policy are posted in common areas at all CAL facilities.

12.  Ensure that relevant WHMIS procedures and in collaboration with the Aviation Stores Manager ensure current Material Safety and Data Sheets (MSDS) are posted in appropriate fuel and chemical storage and use areas.

13.  Ensure that semi-monthly inspections are conducted and documented for all CAL facilities.

14.  As directed by the Aviation Manager, Implement or assign corrective action as required in response to audit findings, inspection or monitoring results, management reviews or incidence reports.

15.  Understand the fuels, chemicals and wastes used / generated at each facility and the applicable legal requirements and SOP’s for their handling and use / disposal.

16.   Ensure that CAL facilities appropriately dispose of special or hazardous wastes and maintain all records of waste disposal in the EMS files.

17.  Maintain agreements with fuel, chemical and waste suppliers and contractors to ensure appropriate qualifications, handling and disposal, documentation, and training/awareness of SOP’s.

1.      Immediately notify the Environment Manager, Aviation Manager and appropriate authorities in the event of a reportable spill (see Aviation Spill Management SOP).

19.  Ensure that EMS records are maintained regarding hazardous chemical purchase, use, or disposal, including solvents and/or acids when used.