4.2 Internal EMS Audits

Checking, monitoring and measurement occur throughout the EMS programs and include regular inspections and periodic audits related to the management of significant environmental aspects. Internal EMS audits are part of the continuous checking and ongoing evaluation of compliance.

As per Section 4.5.5 of ISO 14001 (2004), internal EMS audits are designed to:

The Environment Manager will set the terms, extent and scope of internal EMS audits, including physical location and organizational activities, and will determine how results are to be communicated. The operation being audited will normally be notified in advance to discuss the timing and scope of the audit.

All EMS audits will be conducted using a set of protocols and checklists created and approved by the Environment Manager.

The internal auditor will normally be an independent consultant retained for the task assisted by qualified Coulson management personnel, as may be required.  In addition, a member of the management team or other qualified company official may be required to conduct an internal audit of the company operations for EMS compliance and/or provide assistance to the independent auditor. It is company policy that a management team member or designated company official required to conduct an internal audit cannot audit their own department. Such officials will be selected from a department where the individual has no direct responsibility or accountability for that departmentís performance. 

The Environment Manager in consultation with the General Manager is responsible for selecting/appointing the auditor from qualified in-house staff or an independent contractor.

The auditors are responsible for ensuring audits are thorough and complete.

The EMS Clerk is to retain EMS audit reports in the central EMS files.