9.0 Operational Control.

This section describes the operational controls and procedures that The Coulson Group of Companies has implemented to govern operations to fulfil the coprporate Environmental Policy and EMS program goals, objectives and targets.

Responsibilities and individual accountabilities are set out under Section 4.0 Structure and Responsibility and through Standard Operating Procedures together with other documents that outline specific plans to deal with environmental environmental aspects and incidences. All Coulson Group of Company employees and contractors are responsible to follow these procedures. Personnel are provided with the necessary training to fulfill their role regarding the successful implementation of the EMS.

Day-to-Day Control of Activities

Control of the day-to-day activities enables the company to reduce the potential for impacts to the environment.  Coulson Group of Companies’ operations are administered by the Manufacturing Manager and a Management Team that has responsibility for the effective functioning of manufacturing operations. Controls are implemented by each responsible Mill Manager out of their respective office and overall Management Control is based out of the Coulson Corporate Head Office located at:

                                   Coulson Corporate Office
                                   4890 Cherry Creek Road
                                   Port Alberni, BC Canada, V9Y 8E9
Controls include the assignment of responsibilities to key managers, supervisors and charge-hands as per the EMS organization structure and responsibilities for implementation of Standard Operating Procedures and environmental management programs for all of their assigned program operations and activities.

Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs)

Environmental Management Programs and Standard Operating Procedures have been established for key activities, areas and aspects of The Coulson Group of Companies operations that can have an environmental impact. 
Each environmental management program provides specific directions for conformance or compliance, and includes completion of inspections, checklists if applicable and submission of inspection reports. The EMS database and online reporting functions alert Managers to EMS activities and incidences, and provide a control mechanism to track and remedy issues. The successful implementation of EMS programs and SOP’s is verified primarily through routine inspections, annual internal EMS audits, and periodic EMS Registration Maintenance Audits.

New Facilities

The Ministry of Forests and Range, Integrated Land Management Branch, the BC  Ministry of Environment and Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans have referral protocol for the development of facilities to ensure compliance with environmental standards. The referral protocol(s) may include, but are not limited to, instructions for:

  1. Securing foreshore leases or licenses
  2. Obtaining Special Use Permits (SUPs) for facilities, which may require a License of Occupation (L/O) in some instances.
  3. Applying for permits, such as Waste Permits and Road Permits
  4. Develop facility (i.e. Dryland sorts & log dumps, Helicopter and Fixed-Wing service sites)

The Forestry Manager or alternately the Environment Manager will assist the appropriate manager in obtaining regulatory approvals and that the manager completes the Coulson EMS Risk Assessment Process and that the current EMS programs are amended and related SOPs are developed to manage significant environmental aspects.


It is the policy of the Coulson Group of Companies contractors that all contractors are trained by the Manager or Field Supervisor in the applicable SOPs and are fully familiar with specific plans prior to starting any work on lands or sites managed by Coulson’s and that their work is inspected by the job site supervisor for compliance with procedures and related standards and that appropriate on line inspection reports are submitted by the supervisors when required.

Suppliers of goods and services

All Coulson Group of Companies’ suppliers of goods and services, will when initially engaged to provide a service or goods, be provided with a copy of Coulson’s Environmental Policy and notified to comply with EMS programs.

Management Control

Management Control is established in the assignment of responsibilities to key managers and supervisors as per the EMS organization structure and responsibilities. Managers are responsible for ensuring that appropriate training has been provided, and that routine inspections are completed as scheduled. Manager are responsible for reviewing completed inspection reports, audits and incident reports, and for ensuring that adequate and appropriate corrective actions are implemented as necessary. Senior managers are required to participate in the annual EMS Management Review.