SOP - Hazardous Waste                                                             


This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) outlines the procedures workers are responsible for following to ensure consistency with the Coulson Group of Companies Environmental Management System (EMS). Specifically, this SOP outlines the requirements for handling and disposal of hazardous wastes. All employees and contractors must fully understand and adhere to this SOP.  Any alterations to this SOP or related problems arising during work must be brought to the attention of the supervisor.

Requirements for hazardous waste handling are specified by the Hazardous Waste Regulation, Environmental Management Act .  Special wastes are environmentally hazardous and must be separated from other waste materials and appropriately handled, stored and disposed of.

Special wastes include:

1.       used oil and used oil filters

2.       antisapstain chemical and treated wood

3.       contaminated fuel

4.       explosives

5.       batteries

6.       anti-freeze

7.       pressurized paint spray cans

8.       solvents and solvent containers

9.       other wastes containing dioxins, poisons, pesticides, asbestos, corrosives

10.    rags and spill recovery materials contaminated with hazardous wastes.

Procedures : Special wastes shall be stored in areas designated by the job site supervisor and will be stored in an environmentally safe manner (clearly marked containers, covered areas, secondary containment, etc.). The final disposal of hazardous wastes will be determined by the Environmental Manager and will be undertaken by qualified waste disposal contractors. Frequency of delivery shall be based on an effective and efficient schedule. Stored quantities are not to exceed the limits specified by the Hazardous Waste Regulation (refer to the Spill Reporting SOP for details).

Special waste shipping is to be done only by personnel assigned this responsibility and who have TDG certification. Waste disposal manifests are to be obtained from disposal contractors at the time of shipping and forwarded to the EMS Clerk for filing. Waste manifests are to indicate the Coulson Waste Generator number BCG06411 (Coulson Forest Products) or BCG08320 (Coulson Aircrane).  A Hazardous Waste Disposal Record Form is to be completed and submitted electronically to the EMS database each time hazardous waste is shipped for disposal. Hard copy forms can be submitted to the EMS Clerk via fax (250-723-7766).

Each job site supervisor will prepare a Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal Plan describing the management and procedures for hazardous waste handling, storage and disposal at the job site. These plans are to be submitted electronically to the EMS database. Hard copy forms can be submitted to the EMS Clerk via fax (250-723-7766).

Approved hazardous waste disposal contractors are:

British Columbia

Other Provinces

AustraliaVictoria State


Prepared by: PAP 01-01-2006

Revised by: PAP 02-17-2006

Approved by: PAP 02-17-2006