SOP - Housekeeping                                              


This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) outlines the procedures workers are responsible for following to ensure consistency with the Coulson Group of Companies Environmental Management System (EMS). Specifically, this SOP outlines the requirements for site housekeeping. All employees and contractors must fully understand and adhere to this SOP.  Any alterations to this SOP or related problems arising during work must be brought to the attention of the supervisor.

General Procedures

  • Participate in all training sessions and discussions that related to the EMS and safety policy
  • Dispose of used paint cans, oil filters, containers and rags in appropriate disposal containers
  • Cleanup and remove all wastes from work sites and transport these to established waste disposal locations.
  • Ensure that waste transported in vehicles is secured and will not be lost in transit.
  • Ensure disposal of all waste is in according with approved procedures, including segregating recyclables from garbage and specials wastes.
  • Keep work areas tidy and free of safety hazards.
  • Keep your work area free of litter
  • Avoid storing materials in a manner that may create a safety or fire hazard
  • If a fire or spill occurs, use all onsite resources to prevent damage to life, environment and property (in that order). Contact your supervisor as soon as possible
  • In the event of a spill, follow the spill response plan. Ensure that spill areas are properly cleaned and slip hazard has been reduced.
  • Ensure hand tools are maintained and replaced in their proper place
  • Know the working condition of all fire protection and spill control equipment, notifying your supervisor of any problems.

Applicable Environmental Aspects

  • Soil / Water Contamination
  • Visual amenity
  • Safe work site
  • Fire prevention












Prepared by: PAP 01-01-2006

Revised by: PAP 02-17-2006

Approved by: PAP 02-17-2006