1.0 Introduction: About this manual     Rev 2 - March 26/2012   CHANGE LOG

This manual has been established to describe an Environmental Management System (EMS) suitable for the activities and work undertaken by Coulson Forest Products Limited (CFP) of Port Alberni, British Columbia.   CFP is the Timberlands Division (Timberlands) of the Coulson Group of Companies. 

Through out this manual CFP and Timberlands are used interchangeably. Both refer to Coulson Forest Products Limited. 

CFP desires to maintain certification of this EMS under the International organization for Standardizations ISO:140001 Standard.    CFP will have the EMS and implementation of the EMS audited by a qualified third party to provide for registering the EMS to the standard.

The ISO: 14001 standard requires that an organization (CFP) adopts and maintains an environmental policy and key elements of a system which will allow the organization to address those activities it carries out which interact with the environment. The organization identifies these environmental activities (aspects) and determines which are significant. It then sets out objectives, targets, programs and operational controls designed to limit the impact of these activities. The organization conducts a plan; do; check; and act cycle to see the system is working and continually being improved.

The various chapters in this manual will describe how CFP will meet the standard.

CFP will use this EMS as a base for meeting other sustainable forest management standards.

Scope of the CFP EMS

This EMS is intended to cover CFP operations including:

CFP may, in certain cases, be required to work under some other organization’s EMS and in those situations, this EMS will not apply. This will occur when harvesting timber sales sold by BC timber Sales or when working for another forest company which requires use of their own specific EMS and documentation.

Review and Amendment of this manual

A minimum of once each year and more often if needed to due to major organizational or work activity changes, this EMS will be reviewed by the Environmental Manager to determine if changes are needed in response to changing conditions. The Environmental Manager will review required changes and or requests for changes and report these to senior management at a management review.   Senior management will review and approve or deny all changes.

The only current controlled copy of this manual resides on the Coulson Group intranet website. Amendments to this document are noted on each chapter. A link is provided to describe key changes and show previous archived copies of the chapter.

Layout of the manual

This manual is laid out in a series of chapters which describe how CFP will address the required elements of the EMS.  Key supporting documents are hot linked to specific words in the manual.

Environmental Manager /  Forestry Manager / EMS Clerk

Changes in the organizational responsibilities at CFP now allow the Forestry Manager to have the same responsibilities as Environmental Manager.

Responsibility changes and a move to electronic filing of all records and support documents now allow the Environmental/ Forestry Manager to directly control and manage EMS records.  Reference to the EMS clerk has the same meaning as Environmental Manager.

Copyright and Availability 

CFP and the Coulson Group of Companies own and hold the copyright to this manual. This manual is made available on line for operational use by CFP staff, employees and contractors.  Read-only access to the online manual maybe made available to others on request to the General ManagerChief Operating Officer, Environmental Manager.