3.2 Legal and Other Requirements     Rev 2 - May 2/2012   CHANGE LOG

CFP is committed to following all legal and other requirements applicable to the business CFP conducts which may impact on the environment.
Legal and other requirements include:

3.2.1 Responsibility

The Environment Manager/Forestry Manager is responsible for tracking changes to legal and other requirements and ensuring that the EMS is updated and addresses all applicable obligations.
The Environment Manager/Forestry Manager ensures that current  paper or electronic formats of applicable legislation are available to CFP workers and staff when needed.
 The Coulson Group subscribes to Quickscribe Services Ltd., whose BC Forest Legislation Manual includes relevant Provincial legislation. The Quickscribe service provides hard copy updates to the manual within 30 days of changes to environmental legislation.
A current view of Provincial B.C. laws is available on the website: www.bclaws.ca
Federal Legislation is updated by updates from the CFP membership in the CFPA and by conducting annual reviews of legislation.
Federal legislation can be located at the website for the Department of Justice, Canada: www.justice.gc.ca

3.2.2 Legal Requirements Provincial Legislation

Provincial Orders

Provincial Licences, Permits,  Plans Federal Legislation

1) Fisheries Act

2) Species at Risk  Act

3) Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act 1992

4) Navigable Waters Protection Act

5)Navigable Water Works Regulation

5) Migratory Bird Convention Protection Act

6) Explosives Act

7) NFPA 10 ( 2008)  Fire Extinguishers

3.2.3 Other Requirements

ISO 14001 (2004). International Standard. Environmental management systems – Specifications with guidance for use.
Environmental Code of Practice for Aboveground and Underground Storage Tank Systems Containing Petroleum and Allied Petroleum Products (CCME – PN1272).

Coulson Fuel Management Standard