4.0           Structure and Responsibility

This section of the manual outlines the organizational structure and responsibilities of personnel as they pertain to the Coulson Group of Companies EMS.  It defines the roles, responsibilities and authorities specific to the EMS , including the role of top management in maintaining the EMS , and providing sufficient resources essential to the implementation and control of the EMS .

All Personnel

It is the responsibility of all Coulson Group of Companies officers, employees and contractors to conduct operations in a manner that is consistent with the Coulson Group of Companies Environmental Management System (EMS) and environmental policy.

Provided on the following pages are descriptions of the roles, responsibilities and authorities Coulson Group of Companies personnel with respect to the EMS .

Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team consists of the following personnel:

The responsibilities of the Senior Management Team include:

  1. Establishing and defining the overall organizational structure, including roles, responsibilities and authorities to effectively implement and maintain the EMS in conformance with the ISO 14001 (2004) standard.
  2. Providing the equipment, training, manpower and funding necessary to implement, maintain and develop the EMS .
  3. Participating in the annual management review of the EMS, as described below.

Once a year the Management Team will review the EMS according to the following agenda:

  1. Review the following:
  2. Determine possible areas of improvement from the above review.
  3. Approve and issue the annual audit schedule.
  4. Ensure the Environmental Policy is current, adequate and commitments are met.
  5. Approve and set new objectives, performance goals and targets as needed.

The management review minutes will be documented and filed in the Corporate Office EMS files by the EMS clerk.

For details concerning the EMS roles and responsibilities of all personnel, including management, employees and contractors, refer to the Coulson Group of Companies Timberlands organization chart and click on the job title boxes for details.