4.1 Record-Keeping

The EMS database will store and track electronic records that are submitted using the on-line EMS forms. Forms and checklists associated with EMS tracking are available electronically and are to be submitted directly to the EMS database upon completion. Hard copies of forms may be printed out and used for inspections, but the information is to be transcribed to the electronic form and submitted to the EMS database immediately upon completion of the inspection. The EMS database serves two key functions: as a secure repository for all EMS records, and as a tracking and notification system to alert management of EMS related events.

The EMS database is to be backed up at a separate location to prevent loss of records due to computer malfunction, fire or other incidents.

The IT Manager and Environment Manager control environmental management records including assignment of users and submission of reports.

Where possible, inspection forms and records are to be retained in electronic format. In the case of hard copies, each employee is responsible for forwarding hard copy records and reports related to the EMS to their designated supervisor who in turn must forward a copy to the EMS Clerk. Records are for internal use only. Records may not be released to any other party without the consent of Coulson’s Legal Counsel.

The  EMS Clerk compiles and enters hard copy reports submitted from field supervisors into the EMS database and retains the appropriate hard copy records.

Department Managers with assistance from the EMS Clerk and Environment Manager:

The Manufacturing Managers and/or the Environment Manager through the General Manager ensures that audits are conducted as necessary to verify correct control of environmental records required by the ISO 14001 (2004) Standard.

Retention of Documents and Records

Environmental records include:

Storage and Archiving Records

Environmental documents and records are retained for verifying compliance with regulations, conformance with EMS policies, procedures and programs, and for measuring the attainment of EMS objectives and targets. Environmental records must be: