6.0 Communications

The following internal communication policies aim to build commitment, understanding, and cooperation for environmental protection by all Coulson Group of Companies staff, employees, and contractors. All of these individuals are responsible to communicate environmental issues, problems, or ideas to their supervisor.

The external communication policies that follow describe how the Coulson Group of Companies receives, considers, and responds to communications from employees, contractors and the public.

Internal Communications

The Coulson Group of Companies communications on matters concerning the Environmental Policy, significant aspects, objectives, etc. will be through the use of one of the following:

Normal Management Channels

The Coulson Group of Companies established flow of information and reporting systems are used for communicating environmental information. Managers, supervisors and operational chargehands are responsible to instruct their staff, employees and contractors to understand and follow the Environmental Policy and the EMS programs relevant to their roles and responsibilities.

All Coulson Group of Companies' staff, employees, and contractors receive instructions on their areas of responsibility.

Internal Newsletter

Certain environmental communications will be made through the internal company ‘Log-N-Talk' newsletter.

Memos, e-mails and posters

Announcements of upcoming compliance audits and other general interest information will be distributed through the Coulson ‘Log-N-Talk' newsletter, internal memos to management staff, employees, and contractors, as well as posters on staff notice boards.

Legal Counsel

From time to time, the Coulson Group of Companies Legal Counsel will relay certain environmental information only to those with a need to know. These special communications are protected by solicitor-client privilege.


The Coulson Group of Companies employees and contractor representatives will receive Environmental Awareness training.

Environmental/Safety Committee Meetings

Employees, contractors and Management will review and discuss environment performance, incidents, and related concerns at regular scheduled worksite safety meetings.

External Communications

Inquiries and complaints from the public, First Nations or the media regarding the Company’s environmental aspects should be directed to Chief Operating Officer, who in consultation with the General Manager and Environment Manager will provide the response. All such communications are to be documented and submitted to the EMS database using the Coulson Group reception for entry in the company EMS Complaint Inquiry Log Book.

The Coulson Group of Companies also communicates externally on matters concerning the environment through the use of the company 'Log-N-Talk' newsletter. The newsletter is distributed to suppliers and agencies and is available for the general public at the front counter of the Corporate Office. Matters may include but are not limited to the following:

Continuous Improvement Feedback Loop