1.0 Introduction   Rev 1 - April 3/2012  

Coulson Forest Products Limited (CFP)   History 

Coulson Forest Products Limited has been in operation for over 50 years and is one of the last family owned forest companies still operating on the Coast of British Columbia.

Cliff Coulson in partnership with John Prescott began logging in the Port Alberni area in 1960 under the name Coulson Prescott Logging Limited. Cliff Coulson was the manager and major shareholder of the company which started a contract logging relationship with  MacMillan Bloedel in the Sproat Lake Division.

In 1970 John Prescott retired and the company was renamed Coulson Forest Products Limited (CFP).  The company was able to obtain long term replaceable harvesting rights with the Province of British Columbia for areas in and around the Toquart River Valley.  CFP continues to operate and maintain this licence as the basis of its timberlands operations in the Arrowsmith TSA today.

CFP has been involved in a number of successful joint ventures with other forest industry licensees and First Nations communities.  Today, CFP operates a joint venture with the Toquaht First Nation under Echa Peh Forest Resources Ltd.    

CFP is operated as an independent company within the Coulson Group of Companies. The Coulson Group of Companies are private companies, owned and managed by the Coulson family under the leadership of Wayne Coulson, President and CEO.


Purpose and Scope of this  Plan 

CFP promotes health and safety for workers and contractors on all operations recognizing that trained, experienced and skilled workers working in a safe environment are key to the success of company.  Ensuring all works get home to their families safely at the end of each work day is the first priority of CFP management and supervisors.

This revised health and safety plan will be the basis for CFP to confirm its commitments to overall health and safety and provide the basis for review and certification of the CFP’s operations under the SAFE Companies certification program of the BC Forest Safety Council.

This plan covers all CFP operations, employees and contractors to the point where logs are delivered to the Klitsa mill site or to another independent purchaser.  It may include water transport of logs if CFP is still in control of the logs until they reach their specified destination. The scope does not cover activities at the Klitsa log yard at Coulson Manufacturing Ltd. (CML) Port Alberni. These activities fall under the CML program.


Integration with other voluntary certification schemes

CFP works under an environmental management system (EMS) registered and certified to the ISO:14001 standard as well as a sustainable forest management program registered and certified with the Sustainable Forest Initiative  (SFI) standard.

To the greatest degree possible, CFP will integrate the health and safety program with these other systems to achieve operational efficiency but maintain the necessary reporting and structural issues required to meet the SAFE Company standard.


Structure  of the plan and Manual 

The program manual will provide a complete, one stop, outline of the approved CFP Health and Safety Program. All employees and contractors will be expected to implement and be in compliance with the requirements set out in this manual as a condition of employment.

The control copy of this program manual will be stored an available to all employees and contractors on the Coulson Group CFP website.  Maintenance of this site is the responsibility of the IT manager of the Coulson Group.

CFP will provide all employees and contractors with a Field version of the program manual along with awareness training and specific required formal and on the job training to understand their roles and responsibilities in the program. 

CFP will designate a safety co-ordinator to maintain the program manual in cooperation with the IT manager and be responsible for internal record keeping and SAFE Company auditing.


General Description CFP work and how CFP operates
CFP is a stand alone entity in the Coulson Group which has is sole and core business in forest land planning, conducting engineering , cruising , assessments of proposed timber harvest areas;  conducting road construction and harvesting; harvesting timber and doing the required post harvest reforestation and silviculture. CFP will be responsible for transport of logs to the point of sale which may be to the Klitsa Mill yard for sales to the CML sawmill or to other locations to non Coulson Group companies.

CFP maintains a small number office staff employees in Port Alberni in conjunction with other Coulson Group companies. In addition CFP will keep a small compliment of logging crew as employees or dependent contractors to handle specific harvesting work.   The remainder of the work completed by CFP will be completed through independent contractors. The total CFP compliment of employees and dependent contractors will remain under a total of 20.