About Us

The origin of the Coulson Group of Companies is a history of logging in British Columbia since the 1930s. After serving in World War 2, Cliff Coulson returned to his roots in British Columbia, Canada where he began working in the Forest Industry in 1934. After working various jobs in the industry, Cliff founded Coulson Forest Products Ltd. In 1960. Under the leadership of Cliff’s son, Wayne Coulson, what was once a small logging company has evolved into a conglomerate of companies working in a variety of industries including: aviation, manufacturing, logging, gaming and environmentally friendly cleaning technology.

Now, alongside his two sons, Britton and Foster, Wayne is steering the Coulson Group; always striving to ‘find a better way.’ Safety, Sustainability, Viability and Environmentally Friendly, are the key values of the Coulson Family as they look ahead into the next 50 years of business.

Timeline: Over 50 years of innovation and diversification

1960Coulson Forest Products (CFP) is founded by Cliff Coulson

1972CFP’s first forest licence was acquired in Toquart Bay

1984CFP acquired a second forest licence and formed a joint venture company with the Ehattesaft Band called Hecate Logging.

1984Wayne Coulson moved into the position of General Manager to oversee logging operations

1985Coulson Aviation was founded.

1989Coulson Manufacturing was founded to manufacturing wood products.

1990Coulson Aviation USA was founded to provide aerial fire suppression aircraft to the U.S. Forest service.

1995High Margin Processing (HMP) and Coulson Specialties (CSL) were founded to produce value added lumber products.

1997CFP acquired a third forest licence and formed a joint venture company with the Toquaht First Nations called E-cha-peh Forest Resources LTD.

1997Coulson Aero Technologies was founded to overhaul aircraft components.

2004Executive Transport Airways was founded in conjunction with Helijet International.

2004Britton Coulson Joined the family businesses Aviation division.

2007CFP partnered with 5 first nation bands to purchase TFL 54.

2007Coulson Flying Tanker was founded with the purchase of the Largest Water Bombers in the world, The Martin Mars.

2007Coulson Group of Companies partnered with 52 local charities to build and operate a community gaming center called Chances Rim Rock.

2007Foster Coulson joined the family businesses Forest Products division.

2010Coulson Aviation PTY was founded to support Coulson’s aerial fire suppression activities in Australia.

2012Coulson Cedar was founded to manufacture the world’s first environmentally friendly engineered cedar siding products

2012Coulson Group of Companies purchased Universal Ice Blast technologies and started to re develop the technology.

2013Coulson Aviation hit a milestone when it purchased its first C-130 Hercules.

2014Coulson Entertainment was founded to cater to the film industries need to aircraft props.

2015Universal Ice Blast was re launched and re branded as Coulson Ice Blast

2016Coulson acquires 4th C-130 Hercules

2017Coulson acquires 6 Boeing 737-300

2018Coulson advances night time aerial firefighting + Retardant Aerial Delivery System (RADS) developed for C-130 aircraft + IBAC Congratulates Coulson on IS-BAO Achievement + Boeing 737 Fireliner highky successful maiden mission in New South Wales, Australia.

2019Coulson expands firefighting operations into Chile + Coulson expands fleet with Norwegian C-130 aircraft for deployment around the globe + Coulson selected by the United States Air Force to install their RADS-XXL Firefighting System on the C-130H aircraft.

2020Coulson featured on Wall Street Journal + Coulson Awarded US Air Force Contract.

2021Coulson Aviation FIRELINERS Dominating Australian Skies + Chinook Ch-47s are an Aerial Firefighting Powerhouse in Chile