Foster Coulson

Foster Coulson

Foster Coulson is the younger of Wayne’s two sons. Since Foster was a boy, he was always fascinated by trees and forests and had a deep, abiding love for the environment.

He began his career in the family business in 2007 when he joined the Forest Products division of the company.  Following closely in his father’s footsteps, Foster began working in various jobs such as timber crusing, bucking and scaling logs in the sort yards.  In 2009 he transitioned into the Manufacturing division where he eventually moved into the sales and marketing side of the lumber business.

Foster’s passion for the environment drove him to find a more environmentally and sustainable way to provide lumber products. Together in 2011, Foster and Wayne established Coulson Cedar, a division of Coulson Manufacturing dedicated to producing the most innovative and environmentally friendly wood siding products on the market today.  Today, Coulson Cedar’s engineered products are sold across North America through some of the largest retailers on the planet.

In 2015 Foster founded Coulson Ice Blast, an environmentally friendly cleaning technology that is pioneering the process of cleaning with regular ice. The companies consumer products are sold across the world, solving some of the most complex cleaning problems, and working with some of the largest companies.

Along with leading Coulson Ice Blast, Foster is also conducting the business development and sales & marketing activities for Coulson Aviation.

In 2019, Foster transitioned to Co-President of the Coulson Group with his brother Britton Coulson to lead the company into an exciting new future.