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Coulson Ice Blast - Tar and Grease Demonstration

Coulson Ice Blast was used to effectively clean heavy-duty gear grease (similar to bitumen) and caked tar off of different surfaces.

Coulson C-130 Tanker 131

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Coulson Group - Wayne Coulson

Wayne Coulson and Coulson group of companies, Port Alberni

Coulson Ice Blast Overview

Universal Ice Blast was purchased by the Coulson Group of Companies in 2012. Upon acquisition the company was rebranded as Coulson Ice Blast and the technology has been redesigned and refined; making it one of the most advanced and environmentally friendly cleaning technologies on the planet. Please watch our short video to learn more about the development of this revolutionary technology.

Morewell, Australia Fire Suppression

Distraught residents of Morewell, Victoria, Australia despair at the coalmine fire that has been blazing nearby for almost three weeks. Coulson Aviation contiues to assist with fire suppression efforts.

C-130Q End of Season Demo

Happy Holidays from Coulson Aviation!
End of 2013 Season C-130 video demo created using Firewatch 76 to film and evaluate drops in HD color.
Wishing everyone a safe 2014!